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THE SNOW IS BLACK (now Escaping Tomorrow, see my Amazon Author page)
REVIEW 1 (WeBook) “...I thoroughly enjoyed my first introduction to a genre, which as I have said, does not usually interest me. But I believe that, as I suspect the writing is directed to a younger audience, that you have chosen a perfect vehicle that not only will entertain, but also educate you....” (click link for full review) REVIEW 2 (WeBook) “...The quality of the writing is amazing. I could read this story over and over again, and when and if it gets published I will definitely buy a copy and finish reading it. It is that good...” (click link for full review) REVIEW 3 (ABNA) “...The entire excerpt is absolutely brilliant. I can't wait to see this one published...The plot has a tremendous hook in it, great originality and the prose completely supports the whole story concept...” (click link for full review)
In 2010 reached the third round of the WeBook Novel contest, the first 50 pages of the book. It received 1 less 5/5 rating than needed out of 12 expert reviews to move to the final round (got 2, needed 3, all the rest were 3/5 or 4/5). It also reached the quarter finals (last 250 books) in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest for 2012.
I have included comments made in the Aphelion Forums in a single file, accessed by clicking the link.
I have been entering this contest with my stories for many years, and recommend doing so for anyone who believes their writing to be of high enough caliber to compete against thousands of International writers every quarter. I have now received Honorable Mention (top 2% or so) fourteen times, one Silver Honorable Mention (top 50) and one Semi-Finalist ranking (top 16) out of several thousand entries.