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Game Profile and Chronology at Cangames

For the first time ever, a summary of the contributions I have made at Cangames, the Ottawa Gaming Convention, since I first attended in 1984. In the near future, I will be publishing a book of game rules for some of the many games I have created over the years. In the meantime if you are looking for information on my gaming history, involvement, and creation, other than Cangames, please see the link to my old website below. RPG Tournament Cangames 2013-2023 Hollow Earth Expedition The following links will direct you to pages showing photos and story threads for each exciting chapter in the Adventures of Cassandra Trimble and her intrepid companions Cast List 2013 - Cassandra and the Mountain of Doom 2014 - Perils of Cassandra in the Lost World 2015 - Cassandra and the Elemental Abyss 2019 - Adventures of Cassandra in the Mtns of Magic 2023 - Cassandra in the Mines of Mayhem
Still to come, a set of examples of the types of games I have created over the years