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I do a lot of video editing and creation, but much of it borrows from other work and creates something new from the original elements. At some point this will be something I can share more widely, but for now I have included a couple of Promotional videos I have done through work - contact me if you are interested in seeing more of my material (e.g. the items at left)

Promo Video 1

A video developed as an outreach tool to showcase some

of what we do in our department at Seneca College.

Project Video 1

Some of our student project activities.
Roddy’s Video Portfolio - Part 1
Students from our Broadband program helping me make a video
Lauren Bacall A music video that I mixed to the song of this name by Singer/Songwriter Mark Martyre
Secondary Waltz A music video I mixed to Mark Knopfler’s amazing Secondary Waltz. 2019 Video Splash Intro My yearly video projects usually include an Intro and a Menu for the DVD - this is the 2019 Intro