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 Kat Chronicles
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the Kat Chronicles

 ...from an audio log, recorded by Katie (Kat) Andersson Tuesday April 9, 2047: “I know, everyone says these stream of consciousness logs are a joke, right, I mean who cares what a person is doing every second of every day. Usually. ‘Cause if you’re just tuning in to this one, I’m new to the whole thing - but trust me, you’re going to want to stay tuned. Yeah, really. ‘Cause me - I can travel in time.” (Audio available on Chirbit)
Kat Chronicles Cast List
the Kat Chronicles - Serialized Audio SF Novel by Roderick D. Turner; all scripts written and embellished by Roderick D. Turner; all voice characterizations by Roderick D. Turner, using MorphVOX Pro and a Samson GTrack microphone; all music composed by Roderick D. Turner, incorporating audio loops and samples from Magix Music Maker and FL Studio. All composition performed in FL Studio; Incidental sounds and effects taken from purchased libraries in FL Studio as well as Oregon Scientific's WAV DJ effects, and RomTech's WAV Sound Effects (21-5104-10) version 1.0, 1998; all final audio mixing by Roderick D. Turner using Magix Music Maker; Video created using Magix Movie Edit Pro; Rat image by Roderick D. Turner; Character images created with Bethesda Game Studios Fallout 4 character generator; a little attitude goes a long way. This is a work of speculative fiction - any similarity between character or music group names used and those of real characters or groups is strictly coincidental.