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WRAT AM1700 - Thin Air

An AM radio station of the future, AM1700 “The Rat” is truly an underground organization broadcasting to the Sewarston megalopolis on callsign WRAT. Wednesday September 10, 2098. 7PM. An evening of major sporting events heralds the dawn of a new era for Sewarston, and the planet.
WRAT AM1700 Thin Air Station Personnel
WRAT AM1700 - The RAT Serialized Audio SF Novel by Roderick D. Turner; all scripts written and embellished by Roderick D. Turner; all voice characterizations by Roderick D. Turner, using MorphVOX Pro and a Samson GTrack microphone; all music composed by Roderick D. Turner, incorporating audio loops and samples from Magix Music Maker and FL Studio. All composition performed in FL Studio; Incidental sounds and effects taken from purchased libraries in FL Studio as well as Oregon Scientific's WAV DJ effects, and RomTech's WAV Sound Effects (21-5104- 10) version 1.0, 1998; all final audio mixing by Roderick D. Turner using Magix Music Maker; Video created using Magix Movie Edit Pro; Rat image by Roderick D. Turner; Character images created with BioWare's Mass Effect character generator; our station personnel are not always so serious - these photos are for official press ID, you're not allowed to smile. This is a work of speculative fiction - any similarity between character or music group names used and those of real characters or groups is strictly coincidental.
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